Geo-Location Is Every Accident's Common Denominator

Use an accident's Geo-Location to instantly find and communicate with third parties on our interactive map.

It's free for police, firefighters, brokers, agents, and adjusters to help them collaborate on shared accidents.

No sign up needed. Safe and secure.
A claim number is made up, a Geo-Location is fact.
Here's why using Geo-Location works.
Common Denominator
The Same Accident Map

The Notify Network loads accident locations in real time into our interactive map. All you have to do is find the Geo-Location of the accident you're working on.

Easy Connection
To Your Geo-Location

Any member of an approved organization can look up their accident's Geo-Location and start or join a Notify Accident Pin. All members can email anyone else linked by that Accident Pin.

Quick Resolutions
Using Email

Bypass the queue and skip the fax because you can email third parties directly.

All communication between accident members happens via regular email. Importantly, we don't ask for, want, or let you send any sensitive information inside The Notify Network.

Wiki Knowledge
Accident Rules Wiki

The Notify Network Accident Wiki uses simple charts and animations to explain the rules and regulations relevant to traffic accidents. Anyone can browse and reference it.

Great Support
Customer Support On Every Screen

We're here to help if you have any questions about the app, how it works, getting approved, or anything else.

Every screen has a customer support button. Just click it and we'll chat.

Safe and Secure with Google technology

Even though we only store email addresses, we still love security. The Notify Network is built and runs on Google technology, servers, and content delivery network. Technological security standards of SSL, TLS, and AES 256 bit encryption are all built in. You can post and join any accident because your email is safe and secure.

Find Your Accident

No sign up needed. Safe and secure.

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