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Police, firefighters, EMS, brokers, agents, and adjusters.
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  • discount on analytics
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Repair shops, car rental facilities, and tow operators.
  • affordable insurance market exposure
  • join unlimited accidents
  • directly connect with handling adjuster
  • faster accounts receiveable cycle
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Business intelligence and actuary departments.
  • predictive accident analytics
  • historical data analytics
  • supply chain readiness reports
  • specialty consulting
Efficiency is our motto. Savings are yours to keep.

We are obsessed with traffic accidents. Because there is nothing good about them. They cause pain and suffering physically and financially. Unfortunately, we can’t be there when they happen. But we can make sure they are resolved the right way and that lessons are learned in the process. Industry organizations dealing with accident resolution such as police officers, insurance brokers, agents, and adjusters use our platform free of charge. Because we understand the hard work that they put in each and every day. They should not have to pay to do their jobs better. We also made sure that useful tools are not reserved for large corporations that can afford them. They are here for all, as collaboration only works when it is done on equal terms.

How do we sustain Notify Network?

Simple, vendor partners and analytics. In return for a small fee, we provide marketing visibility for vendors offering services for those affected by accidents. Offering an affordable way for excellent service providers to compete in the insurance indemnity market. We believe it is a fair trade off, as our vendor partners make money from services rendered as a result of traffic accidents. Our analytics branch consolidates accident data along with weather, economic activity, holidays, news, demographics and population growth to yield further efficiencies. Each metric teaches us more about traffic accidents, their prompt resolution and one day prevention.

Our Vision

Sustainability is practiced everywhere around us. Resources are not unlimited, so we believe in maximizing utility from what we have. Automobile insurance is a vehicle we've chosen to tackle this goal. Everything that we do is driven by empowering front-line workers to improve the network and thereby bringing rates down and efficiency up.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can anyone try the Notify Network?
    Yes, anyone is able to try The Notify Network interactive map. However, the system will check our database of approved organizations prior to letting you post or join an accident. Emails posted within corresponding accident pins will not be visible to non-approved users. Give it a try.
  • What is the main benefit of using Geo-Location over traditional system?
    Traditional system relies on arbitrary claim numbers which vary for each organization. The Notify Network uses real time and Geo-Location to index accidents. Making them universally applicable to all organizations. Using our accident map, the user can by-pass having to call and wait on the queue or sending faxes to third parties.
  • How come you are not using further claim identification information such as names of drivers?
    Privacy. By design, the Notify Network does not use sensitive information. It is primary focus is facilitating collaboration to speed up accident resolution and payment.
  • I use The Notify Network or I'm thinking of using it, and I have feedback, what do I do?
    Contact us! We love connecting with existing or potential users. Talking about benefits and problems is how we improve our servivces for everyone on the Network. We'll love to chat about anything on your mind.
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